Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

This is the press release from my last show, At 'Space In between' gallery.


Private View Friday February 27th 2009

“Sculptures from the Drowned World” is the result of Nick's exploration of materials and concept. Working mainly in sculpture, Nick has created a body of work which is inscribed with a sense of cultural atavism - making both specific and emphatic references to nature. Combining synthetic and natural materials he makes objects which subtly hint toward modern textures, surface and design but which seem to have been wrought by some strange natural occurrence; exploring an age-old and enduring dialogue between man and nature, order and chaos.

“ I see sculpture as something that is able to make a monument of an idea, a feeling, and a moment... As something which is in direct contrast to the world of high speed information exchange and virtual realities in which we live.”
With reference to organic design, modern literature, poetry, anthropology, folk art and geology Nick constructs a vision of a fragmented modernity – creating objects which appear to have been saved from a post-apocalyptic waste; preserved for their aesthetic quality and adopted as emblems.

In our modern lives we have created a restless, pressured and resultantly unrewarding society; a situation which demands instant gratification in its virtual maelstrom. This cyber-persona pronounces our zeitgeist of a man-made era. In response to this Nick's work implores a strategy of counter-action, resurgence and balance against the schematics of this collective fabricated identity. His sculptures indicate a totemic endurance within the fleeting narrative of life.

Symbolic of hope, the pieces stand poised as beacons of a self-reflexive and self-informed vision – chronicling the real and emblematic of the here-and-now.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009